bersekolah lagi !.

but that not for me oke?. i saying it to all my kezen to all my lilttle friend.haha
selamat kembali ke alam sekolah espicially my little cousin ana hasanah!.
heyy korunk, study hard oke but not so hard nati otakk u guys jammed pulak.
just study with happy an a open feeling n one more thing jgn kedekut sgt ilmu tu nati x berkat oke?.

N for all yg ambik spm thn niey this is a little tips for u from me oke. :
Take good notes
Be involved in your classes
Review your notes every day.
n lastly,
never ever n ever kedekut ilmu oke. =D

well that all for today !.
thank you!. ;D

p/s: anah, pergi kelas jgn mara2 oke espicially with bouth of ur ex that r same classes with u. haha :p