erti kehidupan

before this i neverr knew the outside world from KL. what i know is KL3 n never want to know what kind of peopple,house, relationship between them i dont want to know.
before this aq anggp dorg _________.
i'm happy with my teenage school n city girl life. nothing to worry about, not being manipulated, not being arrogant, not being shame all and all i do is just for fun with my frenz without being hurt.

then, after school we all become more mature more grown up n then all get into IPTA.
yeah!. IPTA is awesome if we not being bullied by other espcially by people that had a small brain aka otak sempit!.

kenape mesti kite jeles dgn kwn kte sendiry, knape mesti ade busuk aty ?.
ketidakpuasan aty?. n lastly tiada kesopan santunan dlm budi bicara (cewaaahhhh !. )
haha. but why must had it all?.
xpyh ckp coz i know all that anwers tp still nk tulis jugak.haha
Rase sket aty sgt n shame at all bile dye berlagak dpt somethng new for her/him but old for us.
shame when them tell everyone n JAKON !. n lastly SHAME when otakk dye bengap sgt smpi missunderstnding pe yg kte ckp. n then blh lak mara kte in front of other or in public!.
but still IPTA is still awesome when we got funny and a happy go lucky friends.
sometimes new friend not bad at all, just half of it.
a good friend always make we happy and we can be ourself .

well, i'm enjoyed to be a student in ipta rite now sometimes... =D
p/s: ini bkn luahan perasaan or mengutuk org atau sebginye.
it just a fact that i wrote. oke?.