beloved cousin !

today i would like to .....
mcm syarahan la plak . :)
okay smbg blek ,
share bout my beloved cousin ever !
best cousin ever ! even i had so many cousin (can they called cousin =.=' )
this two person is the most best ever cousin that i have .
Nor Alia and Nor Hasanah bt . Mohd Ali
i love them so much n we r so close n sometimes i think they r my sisters :)
and no distance at all between us <3

myra and alia :)

when i was a little we always argue especially with alia coz she kind of jeleous coz her mom loves me than her ! haha just kiddin dear :)
well , it's true n then we grow up together n become so close and of coz hasanah too .

i love to hang out with them .
thnx god i'm studying in PD n i can see they more often coz they live in PD :)
this two girls is crazy n when i with them i become crazy also ! haha
we share everything with them . no doubt of that :P

myra n anah :)

but now since i semester break i can't see them .
n soon alia will go to plkn n i donnow when i can meet them again .
maybe sem 3 :(
girls , i miss you !
tell ur mom go to my house now !

that's all for today :
myra berry