sometimes i wanna be a bad girl . a cruel girl .
girl that break the rules . it could be great if i can be a bad girls .
if i be bad girls then no one can't step on me .
but i can't . why does my heart can't do bad thing to other ?
mean why i can't stand for myself ? why i just keep patience for all everythng they done to me .
so much bad thing and only i can do is keep quiet and patience and i hope someday they will realize that do bad thing to others will make u be a bad person .
when i getting hurt by others i just keep quiet and say it to myself
' myra , if u payback what they had done to u means u and they are no different '
i dont want that so i just keep quiet and patience only .
but sometimes i'll explode too . hehe

but how can i be a bad girls if i easy feel sorry for them ?
so easy ! and then , when i already feel sorry for them i will forget evrthng and act like nothng happens but why they still dont realize yet ?
urggh ! i hate when that happen .
why to them i can't but to some people i just do it without thinking ?

truthly , sometimes i really wanna be bad girls
and sometimes without i notice slowly i already become a bad girls :(
i had done bad thing .
i already hurt someone feelings and i'm sorry .

life is not easy . they r so much thing we don't know .
and they r so much thing we have to learn .
not just learn but will have to experience too .
use our time carefully and think first before act .
on ur brain , 'replay' first then atc .
inspired from korean drama :)
who said korean drama waste our time ?
haha .

well that's all .
fact in our life .
we donnow what happen in the future .
what we do right now will effect our future :)
well , that all for today .
have a nice break everyone and for UITM students ,
welcome to sem 3 .
to nana : azam baru taw ! chayok chayok ! :)

myra and nana
bff <3 <3 <3

oh yeah , talk about nana i just remembered one thing .
hari slasa lps aq n nana watch movie'S .
kitorg tgk 2 movie !
pirates and nur kasih . awesome !
tp yg ta ble blah tu kitor igt movie start kul 2.20 , rpenye kul 2 ptg .
pkol 2 tu kitorg still lg makan pizza n then 2 .30 br nak grak msk wyg . haha
klakar gler ble tringt . kelam kabut kitrg msk .
n then dlm tu blh plak memekak .
aduihh , besh kot plus lwak kapt. jack sparrow to wat . spotan jea .hahaha .
and tyme cter nur kasih lg ta bleh blah ,
tgh syokk2 tgk ni ade lak pacik ni blh bantai nyanyi dlm tu . kuat lak tu !
klo boring pergilah kluar kaco je org nak feeling2 .
tp dr dlm crita tu dpt satu pengajaran .
klo nak honeymoon jgn honeymoon kat jordan tkot jd mcm cter nur kasih .
(suke ckp abg adam dr abg aidil even dlm tu ckp abg aidill)
hahaha .
tulah first ayat yg kluar dr mulut kitrg lps habis cter tu . haha .

p/s : lps ni nk tgk 3 wyg dlm satu hari pulak :)

that's all for today ,
thnx for read :)
by: myra berry