i lovethis quotes !

i like this quotes ? maybe ade kne mengena nan diry aq kowt

yeah !. i'm just a simple girl that living her life with my own way.
i don't care if all of you commented on my style i don't cared at all ! coz what i know is the way i dress up, my style and my life is the way i showed who i am.
like some of you say the bangle or bracelets that i'm always wear in my class n wear in with 3 bangles in one hand look weird n looks like org asli ?
so what ? look now,
rite now some of you that always commented on me wear a same bangles like me.
huh ?! pakai jgak kan.
i dont want to judge anyone but just to remember to all of u including my self
never commented style org. maybe at first u think it's weird but believe me
someday u'll think it was cool ;D

so conclusion is :
the bangles that i'm wear in the class is the way i'm showed myself
coz that is who i am.
maybe nmpk ganash but i think it's cool.
and make up ? of coz i'm wear it !
and i'm not deny it coz every girl someday will wear a make up.

hmm, bout this quotes i think all girls in this world like to look pretty and cute rite? i think mksd quotes kt ats niyh is
haha. means kte kne larh try smthng new n brani mencuba.
klo nak nmpk cantek, pkai la at leasT a lillte bit make up. lip gloss skit pon jd larh.
nmpk lawa skit kann,
n if u want to looks cute ?
so easy lar dear !
just wear dress yg cute ? tatau dress yg cute ?
hello, google kan ade, search jea sume kluar ! haha
n one more thng hidop kite ni kan kte tatau ble kte akan mati rite?
so, smntra msh hidop niyh let's try everythng !

eh ! tp try evrythng tu jgn la korg wat maksiat n perkara yg dilarang plak oke !

yeah ! this quotes is the best !
ni quotes for girl who want to find a bf ! haha
better cri yg boy ske u seadanye than boy yg agak ta baek. :P
oh my ! so sweet la this quotes.
tp psl quotes ni aq taleh la nk komen byk sgt coz aq pon tada pengalaman
psl cintan cantun sgt niyh.
<3 <3 <3