she and me had a same situation :)

hello dear my reader :) !
how r u today ? r u in a good moods ? coz i'm in a good moods :)
<3<3 <3

as u can see that i had friend that i love so much that is my best best friend
(nama tayah taw la ye )
kitorg sgt rapat n u know what ? rite now we in a same condition.
means both of us ______________
ta dpt nak bgtaw larh.
tp benda yg same terjd kt kitorg ni terjd pd bln yg sme,
jarak yg jauh sama, sifat yg sama, n mcm2 lg yg sma.

atc, i'm just too happy coz dlu i really hope someday we are in the same situation about
smtnhg that we are waiting for a long tyme ago.
and rite now it all come and we just have to WAIT only :))

gembira ta terkata :)
that's all from me :
myra berry <3 < 3 <3