today just LOVE !

today i found fb that in their status got a lots of a love story n sweet poem n i like it soo much. so i copyn paste to share it with you. oh my :) i hope someday i got to feels the way of love.
LOVE that give me feels
happiness, happy, laugh, smiles, sad, mad and jeleous. :)

"In Life there are people better than you..
there are people worse than you..
But........there will never be a one like you."

So stay special and always be happy of your real self :)

a boy gave his girlfriend a challenge
to live a day without him & if she did it he would love here more.......
the girl agreed and she didn't talk to him for a day without knowing?? He had only 24 hours to live because he was suffering from cancer...!!!
she went to his house the next day tears falling down her eyes as
she saw him lying in his coffin with a note on the side
''you did it baby, you can do it everyday''
Boy:- Guess what?
Girl:- What ?
Boy:- I saw a shooting star just now
Girl:- Really?
Boy:- YUP
......Girl:- Did you make a wish then?
Boy:- No
Girl:- Why not ?
Boy:- My wish is right in front of me ♥
A 5 Year Old
Girl Asked...

The Boy Who Sits Next To Her
He Replied ...

"Love Is, When You Steal Chocolates Everyday From My
Bag and Yet I Still Keep Them In The
Same Place" ♥ :D

Boy: Why Don't U Had A Boyfriend Yet?

Girl: Am Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend,
Why Don't U Have A Girlfriend..?

...Boy: Cuz U R Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend Yet...!

A love story..

Once upon a time a bird fall in love ....wid a white day she
proposed him but he refused....he said i dont luv u but...bird daily
came and propose him then...white rose said i'll turn in red ill luv u after
.........tat. one day bird came n cut her wings n spread her blood on the rose n rose turned red
then rose realized how much bird love him but it waz too late..bird waz
by : myra berry :)