omg ! kembar justin bieber !

haa! mesti korunk terkejut kan ?
JB had a twins ? no way rite ?
tp jgn korunk lpe pulak yg allah dh ttpkn each person in this world had seven face that same with us rite :)

okey , let's straight to the point oke .
atc , mne de kembar JB . tp cume mke seiras dgn JB adelah .
klo korunk tgk sekilas , mmg akan igt die JB , tp cbe korunk tgk btol2 ,
mke dorg mmg sgt serupa tp die bukan JB !

his name is dani shay and his 22 years old , he also love music .
he said he barely watch tv and just watch tv for music only .
pity him . he said he feels pressured cause people always see him as a JB not as DANI SHAY .
he also said that
"before this i donnow who exactly JB . when i go anywhere people always staring at me and say "he look like him", "it's him " ," "can i take ur picture" , when i said i not him then will say "it's okey , u face exactly like him so i just want ur photo even u r not him "
and after i search his name (JB) on internet i was so suprise cause his face exactly looks like
me ! and i a little bit confuse "
wow ! can u imagine if we all in his shoes ?
omg ! seriously , if i in his shoes maybe i going crazy !
how can i possibly leave in a peace if someone famous as a JB had a same face with me ?

i feel sorry for him :(
can u imagine if u in his place ?

let's take a look and you can judge it by urself :)

this is dani shay .
the one that i talking about .

and this is JB .
the one that we like him .

looks alike right ?
he hairstyle , his style and his face it's all same with JB .
and he also had a great voices !
but his voice not same with jb .
dani shay also had his own song that he wrote by herself .
if u want to hear his song u can go to to youtube :)

but the i like mpst his song is :
superheroes by dani shay
the lyric is all about life :)

truthy , i like more dani shay than JB :)

and i want u to hear this song by him .
listen carefully the lyrics .
the music by song JB but the lyrics by dani shay .
but dont misunderstood .
this is just his confession bout herself :)

listen carefully !

p/s : i know this from one of the blog that i follow and it's by korie blog :)