think of you ,

think of you make my heart feels want to explode . you seems nice but never thought u act like that . i treat u nicely with all my heart . but what had u done ? u paid my treat with step on my head . DAMN you ! i donnow why i trusted u in the first place . i should listen to my friend to avoid/ignore you . but u seems nice . seems like a tiger that looks cute in the outside but
inside .......

arghhh ! sometimes when i think of you make my heart feel hurt . , and when i think of you i rememberd how u fool me . you make me like an idiot ! i never step on u , i never talked bad bout u in front of my friends , i just say u just fine , seems nice , but you ?! u said bad things to me . how could you ? then , u act like nothing happen ? i waste so much things just for you . what an idiot i am ! i never see someone just like u . ur behave , ur act , the way u talked , the way u do !
when i remebered it , i feel shame , feels mad , feels sad and i hate you !
and because of you also , u make me hate love , guy and whatsoever .

what , maybe my face looks like easy to fools rite ? remembered one thing dear ,
maybe i look nice , but every step , every word and everything u done i remember it okayy ,
i learn it , i experienced it and when i realised it , i know that u r not a nice guy .
don't u EVER think that i easy to fool by someone like you .
my face seems like a nice person but believed it , i can do something that u never ever think .
thank god and lucky you i'm not type that like to reverenged :)

p/s : dont judge a book by it's cover .