it's getting slow :'(

hye peeps !

it's been a long time i don't update my blogg rite ? i'm so sorry peeps . been buzy ! well , u know as a student i had a lot things to do rite and atc i dun have a idea to write bout what . sorry soryy :)
rite now i'm at home !yeah , home sweet home <3 . all this tyme i brought my bro's lappy so it's been awhile i don't touch my lappy . oh gosh ! i miss you lappy !
but why my lappy getting so slooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww . and my local disk is full ? dah merah pulak tu ! rsenya tada pape pun kat lappy aku ni except pic jea . oh my , i need to natural kan balek lappy aku . i need to buy hardisk larh :(

dear my lappy ,
i hope u just fine and tada virus or rosak dlm ni ye . saya sayang awakkk lappy :)