okayy full stopp !

okayy i'm done with this nonsense ! 2 minggu kepala otakk aku macam ntah ape-ape , think about him such a waste of time , betul cakap kak syue ( ;D ) , sometimes lebih susah kalau org yg kita suka tu ade something pada die yang kita ta suka .you know what i mean ? cthnya mcm benda yg kita ta expect die ade tp die ade , ergggh , maybe i'm jerk coz jugde him by his appearance but that the way i am . sory to say but love for a guy yg still bukan suami aku , aku takan buta dalam chentaa . love is not everything , if i want to find the right guy wht i means is not a perfect guy but maybe a right guy for me then i will think about every aspect that he had , soryy capital F , i know you give me a positive respond but i can't . maybe bukan sekarang but in the future who know right :)
minat dalam diam is better , so tht what i going to do , you smile i smile , you hello me , i'm hello you :) and none of ur friends know my friends and same with mine , so it's impossible for us to know each other tp kalau kita dah kawan , kawan jugakk kan .
okayy , aku ckp mcm orang kurang tatabahasa . haha.

that all for today , and thanks for read my blog even post aku kali ni agak ntah ape-ape :)

still like you but in the silent Capital F,