I dont get it what my heart tried to tell me .

Dear my heart, I still don't get it what exactly you want to tell me, why I feel this way ? Haaaaa I wish I know what is going on with my heart right now. Truthfully, I don't know why but lately I feel sad , angry and yeah a little bit jealous maybe?. I get sad when I found out that you had someone else you text with, and you guys seems like so close and so sweet. Maybe I just thought that you like only me but you a human too right ? Especially when you single right now, well it's normal right? Even people that in a relationship also can fall in love twice then why not you right? :face4: Maybe I just expect too much from you.

And I feel sad too when I saw you still keep picture of your ex-girlfriend. haha. So funny when you lend me your pen drive that had a lot of picture you and your ex. haha. :face72:. Arghhh I don't know why and it's really hurt ! Please let me out from this mess. I can't hold it anymore, I'm afraid if I suddenly slip out what I feel towards you and when that thing happens I know things will get worse and much worse than now. If only I can tell you my real feeling, maybe right now I will feel so happy but 'if" only right ? :125:

:88: Dear LOVE, would you please remove me with this love ? It's really hurt you know.
I'm would rather been suffered because a broken heart than having to withhold my love for you. Because withhold my love for you is really painful.