I've been proposed !

Okayy muka korang terkejut gila ! haha. mesti korang trus masuk blog aku kan ? hewhew
saja jew aku nak buad statement hot. buekkk !:10:
Okay fine, the truth is Im not the one who been proposed okay. Atc lately, aku teringat satu video ni tau which is a 19 years old girl have been proposed by a man yang romantikk gilaa . And guess what? proposal ni ala-ala islamiah sedikit so video ni buat aku rasa lagi tambah-tambah sweet !

Truthfully, I envy with that girl because she dare to accept the proposal tht made by her family . Well you know, it's about marriage okay! It's about who you will spent for whole ur life. Wow! That girl, she really amazing! If I in her shoes I will never accept it you know. Ermmm I dont know . Maybe:18: . But the possibilities of accepting that guy is SMALL!

But I kind of jealous with her cause she already know siapa jodoh dia. And ! She get a romantic and an extraordinary proposal ! Arggg ! I wish my future husband will proposed me in a romantic way. Buttttt I dunnowwww. Who knows right ? :face69:

*So peeps, take ur time to appriciate the feeling of this sweet little girls okay, What do you feel ? Touched? Me too ! :face16: So that's all for today . Thanks for read . :74: