Hello peeps. How your day on this sweet date on 12 12 12 today ? Does it wonderful? Does it Give you luck or give you bad luck? For me, today i got my bad luck. Oh yeah! I know. Damn. -_____-Everything seems not right. And my heart also feel something wrong somewhere. I think my heart just been stolen from people that shouldn't belong to it. Hey you! Yes you! Give me back my heart! I'm going to be zombie if you not return my heart back. Give me give me give me ! Lalalalaallaa~ Lol.

I'm in dilemma. What the fish! -____- this feeling really made my day! Seriously! MADE MY DAY. Haha. T_T . Ta faham? Pura-pura fahamkan aja okey. *kenyit mata. Actually right now, I'm in deeply thinking about something. Everything is blurrrrrr for me! Hello hello. Saya niey lembap dalam semua perkara. I'm simple minded and little bit dumb so please jangan berkias-kias dangan saya boleh awak? I'm prefer direct conversation. Take a note! Everyone know it betapa blur-nya kawan dia yang sorang ni. Entah macam mana jadi macamni pon aku ta tawu. Maybe terlampau banyak makan gula-gula kot. Hewhewwwwwe. ^_*

Okay! Enough! Malas nak fikir malas nak layan perasan. Better layan Hindustan with my little cousin lagi baek. Jommm jomm. Bubye!