Memories that will remains in my mind ;)

 There nothing extraordinary stories that I can share with all of you.  Hanya gambar yang mampu memceritakan semuanya. I'm just an ordinary  student  that love to hang out with their friends, do crazy thing without shame and yeah , I'm myra! I'm admit that I have no shame at all but its only happen bila otak aku tengah ting tong atau gila but still ta boleh lawan gila nad yang sangat-sangat gila tu. Nad is the only girl that I can take picture with ugly face, buat muka ta senonoh, buat gambar ntah pape. Hanya dia jea. Best gila ! You guys should try too . Try buat gambar gila-gila. Bila korang tengok balik gambar-gambar yang korang tangkap for sure you guys will laugh and it really made your day cheerful and shine back. *_*

So today I will post our photo activities fr this few weeks. :)

-Setiap gambar, ada cerita -