1st day practical and 1st time working ♥

heyy peeps ! today aku 1st day practical kat ofis . korang taw ta one of my dream nak rasa kerja dalam office . and Alhamdulillah impian aku dah tercapai even practical jea . today i can feel and see macamne orang berkerja dalam office. So , today I want to share to all of you my first day practical and also it's my first tyme working in mylife .

honestly pagi tadii aku sangat malas nak bangun and bersiap tapi terpksa bangun jugak . aku kne lapor diry kul 8 kat sane seperti yg diarahkan oleh poli but ! office kt sane start working on 9a.m so we all have to waited for one hour untuk orang dtg menjemput kami melapor diri . ^_^
And then , finally here they come ! okay waktu tu nervous gila2 ta payah cakap laa kann . dengan nervousnya kami tunggu kt dlm office tu then staff kat sna suruh kami lepak2 dlu coz dorg nak pergi breakkfast . okayy . we had to wait them for anther hour .

Then , barulaah kerja kami bermula dengan tugas mengira jangkaan sales "whatever donnow wht is it atc". we had to calculate tht number for whole day . Since I like to plays with numbers so i'm okay with it even mulut ni ta berhenti2 membebel . haha . but for my conclusion on this day , i had a great tyme . atc . tugas sebenar kitorang is not begin yet . Since all staff for marktng ada kursus so kitorg diberi apa2 saja tugas yg tada kena mengena dgn kitorg smppi lusa . and i hope this Wednesday my real duty tu ta susah sangat . Amin ;D

Oh , and now each staff on there already know me who am i at there place . and it so tiring to act cool everytime even i'm not cool at all . im childlish ! yess i know tht . haha .
#okayy . im not the owner daughter of tht place kayy . it just my aunt and uncle work there . and my mom also pernah kerja kat ctu kayy .so all people in there know my mom , my aunt , my uncle and me . kayy .that all .
So , since aku practical kt sne aku kena jaga tatasusila aku (*Cewaahh!) and kena buadd kerja yg diarahkan dengan betul, ekfisen dan cekap . and ta bole nak maen2 . arghh ! damn . bosan macamtu . but i still laughing and chat in there . i can't stop talking !. please dont mad at me :( so wht i going to say is aku memikul satu bebanan yang berat and ta bole nak maen2 sgt . =.=' and it's tiring even just one day .

*So Myra you have to careful with ur attitude but at the same time be urself ;)

On 7.45 a.m
muka tada ke'seri'an sebab baru bgun tido and malas nak make up sangat . opss sorry !
yess im ugly so?

with all my heart to take all the
responsbility tht they had give to me ,