Once upon a time, sweet stories .

hey readers :) hariniey aku nak share about one story . hope korang sudi baca but if tanak baca then go go ! saya tak menghalang . long time ago but not so long , dalam 3 or 4 tahunn lepas punya citer laa ni .

Long time ago, there is one boy and one girl who always fight with each other .Everytime dorang terjumpa and masuk kelas mesti gaduh .tak pernah tak gaduh . No one knows why they always keep fighthing on each other . no one knows even this two person dunnow either . But then, one day satu kelas kenakan dorang berdua and since tht time this two person never talked to each other anymore . no fighthing . no talking . just donnow . But .

Deep inside is her heart , tht girl actually really admired tht boy with her full heart . Tht boy always in her mind and everytime before go to school there only just one thing in her mind tht is to see tht boy face . even dapat tengok untuk 1 saat pon , sudah buadd tht girl gembira gila sampai tersenyum sorang-sorang macam orang gilak . and then before tht girl tidur pon mesti die akan terpikirkan tentang tht boy so tht , that boy akan masuk dalam mimpi die .everyday .

Bila tht girl terjumpa ke or terserempak dengan tht boy, tht girl tu pasti akan tertunduk dan lidah tetiba jea kelu tanpa kata . For a few second , mata bertentang mata . Awww ! i wish they have mutual feeling . I wishhhh . And then , perkara biasa yang selalu girl buadd bila admired someone to they will look that boy carefully dari jauh . Samalah macam this girl , she always looked at tht boy dari jauh , perhatikan jam die , style rambut die , kasut dia and laen2 . And bila tht girl jumpa somthng yang sama dengan tht boys tu pakai dengan apa yang die pakai she will make a big smile. sorang-sorang jea . macam orang gilak .

1 years later , still dengan feeling yang sama ,
At tht time this two teenage already sweet sixteen and going to change school frm sek kebangsaan to teknik . Unfortunately, tht girl can't make it to teknik kerana takditerima . That girl berazam to confess her love to tht boy one day before tht boys quit the school . On the day before tht boys quit , on the way to confess her love , tht girl dapat tau yang tht boy minat someone else yang sama kelas dengan that boy tuu and tht boys tu confess his love to tht girl tht he likes and get positive respond from tht girl then dorang couple.

Yang girl ni pulak , just smile and say to herself "it's okayy" . tht girl crying in her heart but didn't show it to her friends but then after tht girl balek dari sekolah , she lie down on her bed and crying a lot and hope semuanya hanya mimpi but she know it's a reality . And tht girl make decision to stop liking tht boys but she willl never forget about tht boy just keep it jauhh dalam hati dia .

One years later ,
tht girl find out tht her friend lie on her . Tht boy betul confess his feeling but girl yg tht boy admired tu tolakk die mentah-mentah and tht girl just smile and and she thinks it's just too late coz she know tht boy surely dah lupaa kat die .

And now it's was already 2 years have passed ,
Until now tht girl still like tht boy deep inside in her heart and no one know bout tht . She just simpan perasaan tu ketat-ketat dalam hati die and always remember and see tht boy dari jauh .Even tht girl ta dapat memiliki love frm tht boy but she always feel that feeling is just sweet memories to her . Until now ;)