lagu blog aku kelakar !!

listen to this song. on my blog .
kelakar laa . untuk lebih mudah korang faham lirik di bwah ye ;)

© Hafiz As'ari
Author: Hafiz As'ari

This is my blog,
My way,
My mind,
My say,
If you don't like it,
Get out go away,
Cause this is my site,
My crib,
My likes,
If you don't like it,
Get out of my site,
A place where I can hang out, (uh-huh)
A place where I can shout out, (my thoughts)
All the feelings I keep inside, (uh-huh)
I post it all on this site. (oh my god)

Verse 1:
When I go out and dress up,
People staring me like whats up?
Talking about me,
Hey shut up!
You want your teeth to come out? (no please)
Huh! Just like what I know, (huurrgmm)
You kental buah lemon, (what!?)
You heard what I say, You kental buah lemon!
If you don't understand what I'm trying to say,
Too bad this my song,
You don't have a say!


Verse 2:
I don't hate you,
You don't hate me,
I love you,
You love me,
I kentut you lari, (heh! What the hell)
If you wanna hate me, then hate me!
If you wana hit me, then hit me!
If you wanna kill, then kill me!
If you wanna be me, you can't be!
Hey try your best try your luck to kick my ass,
If you don't succeed let me slap your face,
Cause I don't believe in violence,
Change my mind kick your balls I say OLE!
Hey ole ole hey ole ole kau pi makan taik...(eh eh eh eh)
Hey ole ole hey ole ole kau pi makan taik... (eh eh eh eh)


uh oh uh oh! alright now, welcome to my blog,
uh oh uh oh! hmmmmm yeah, find out what I'm all about,
uh oh uh oh! I dunno what to sing,
uh oh uh oh! now I dunno what to rap,
uh oh uh oh! Serious! What uh oh uh oh?
uh oh uh oh! uh oh kau ar bodoh! Hahah!
OK! Well welcome to my blog,
urm.. u r a visitor,
please leave ur initials, ur link up so that I know who u r on my tag board,
my tag board is on the right side of this screen u lookin at, yup, scroll down abit and u'll see my tag board there. ok? be sure to do that! thank you!!
Cause This is my blog, my way, my mind, my say, if you don't like it, get out, get out, go away.
Cause this is my site, my crib, my likes oh! If you don't like it, get out, ooh, oh! Get out of my site...

Thank you, come again!