And it's call The Bloom of Love in my hearts♥

This is what i called Love. Love to my Grandma and Love to my blood relations.
Right now my grandma is sick. Sangat terseksa to see her to hold a pain. And i not able to help her. 
tak mampu berkata-kata dan tak mampu menahan nanges.
Wan, I love you soo much !
Even i dunnow wht u talking about coz i dont really understand ur 'loghat' at all but i pretend tht i understand wht you said. You laughs i laughs and so on. I'm sorry Wan.
Even mira ta banyak cakap but i want you to know tht i love you so much wan!
Hanya mampu cakap dalam hati jea :(

Love to my friends and my ex-roomates
hey darlings! thanks for tc of me for one semesters and thanks sebab sanggup tahan kerenah aku yang gedik-gediks manja dengan kaw ni . 
And thanks sebab faham apa yang aku cakap even ayat aku tunggang terbalik and tergantung. 
sometimes aku pon ta faham apa yang aku cakap.haha
btw, thanks!
# my other friends jangan jeles okay. ur turn will come:)

Well yeah It's me. Sakai !
saya memang ta suka betulkan tudung. And i'm not type of girl tht always adjust tudung for 27hours.
malang siapa dapat aku kann. haha . So?