Look at me for who I am please!

Im really tired, frustrated , sad , mad and so much feeling tht i can't even bear on it. Is it my fault ?
why people so easy to judge someone by his/her appearance ? Why people so easy to set on his mind tht i'm lucky coz the relationship tht i have ? Surely they will said "mentang-mentang lah.... bla3 " . Even dorang ta pernah cakap but i can feel it .  I never feel vanity . never a bit! Is it my fault ? I know tht I'm slow and i need a little time to understand it . And i dunnow how to talk formally atc. tht why im always keep asking wht kind of words tht should i say to my friends. Tapi senangnya orang salah fahamm kan . 

#The nightmare tht I most fear has become reality .
Ya Allah, kaw tabahkanlah hati hambamu ini.