I'm not perfect But

Assalamualaikum readers,
thank you to all of you fr willing to read my blog or my post until d'end.
I'm really appreciate tht. Thanks you ;)

I'm not perfect , and I know tht . I'm really not perfect but I'm trying my best to make everyone happy. But now slowly i don't cared anymore. Maybe I'm just to tired to made everyone happy but inside f me I'm not happy at all and it's really hurt me. why I say so ? Donnow.
Recently I always observed people's around me and then I'm realize something. Secrets. Sorry
Maybe I'm too sensitive but lately I'm always thinking why everyone like she or he
(nice to him/her)? Does they hate me ? Am I too spoil ? Or the r/s tht I had ? Ugrhh ! I want to cry. Am I too bad ? Or am I too nice ?#haha, no way!
Anywhere I go , I'm always get a same reaction . Reaction frm people's around me. The reaction tht show me tht they not easy with me and it's hurts me a lot!It's always same! I dunnow wht should I do anymore. I'm tried very hard to change people reaction on me but why it's still same ? why ? I can't give up and I will resilient to face all the challenges and I'm sure I can through all of this . Just Patient , Redha, Tawakal and Doa's to Allah Subhanallah Taala . Amin ;)