clean the mess, recyled it♥

Hello there♥ Wahh today i clean my room and i mean my another room . The room i used right now is atc my bro's room but i makeover it to make it look like a girl room but now my bro's want his room back so i need to clean my 'real' room and makeover it again . But still not use it coz i waiting my new furniture for my room since all the furniture in my room already damaged.haha

So this is part of my things tht need to throw maybe . Or put it in another room

Wow! Can you see it ? The mess! Atc there more thing behind me and this is just tiga suku from donnow wht thing atc:)

When i on clean my stuff or things in my real room i found lot of my dress and clothes tht i can't fit anymore and mymom suggest to give it to my neighbor's child than throw it away at least i get Pahala:) And it's time for recyle!

Oppss ! This is just a garnish only okayy not for recyled :)

Maybe you should try it too .recyle