New friends, new life practical ♥

Assalamualaikum everyone's !
lamaa rasanya ta meng'update blog rite. yeah i'm been busy fr this weeks . Really busy even i can't bare with it but i had too coz it's my responbility to me as a student to complete my diploma in Politeknik Port Dickson.Yeah! but sincerely , practical kat situ really exciting even banyak kerja *ini bukan merungut oke. but at least i get an experience. I'm rather doing so much work than doing nothing . Praktikal yg ta byk kerja tapi ta dapt pengalaman Vs. lot of job but full of experince . So which one you choose ;). okayy Fullstop bout this prctical . haha

Maaf muka saya macam gitu sebab kelewatan bangun tido. haha
Heyy heyy looks tht our pass . each student get one. pass ni untuk keluar masuk and it's really important . kalau hilang aduii la jawabnye . Heee.

now i'm going to introduce to all my lovely readers a few people tht i'm just friends with okayy .
let's start with my boss first okay . En Idris . i'm forget apa jawatan die atc. sorry!

the right one is my boss , En Idris, kak miza , and kak wani yang comell and sweet . Awww!

This is umiza frm Poli Kulim Kedah and Dayang frm Poli Sabak Bernam.
my boss always mistake my name with umiza but die ta pggl aku umiza but he call me Umira . gabungan dua nama . Always like tht! kebanyakkan staff kt situ. HAHA
It's look like i have a new name! yeayy =.='

And this 2 person : Of coz my friend merangkap myclassmate :)
dorang prktikal sama tempt dgn aku and it's veryy exciting !
And kami bertiga sangat bising! kena biasakan diri dgn tmpt senyap. ! sangat susah for us but sometimes kitorg buadd jugak . staff kat situ pon dah tau dahh . haha

Okayy that all fr today . agak lewat sedikit nak cerita sbb pic ade problem now baru dapt upload. that' all thank for the read and Happy Holiday and

to all my chinese friend .