Happy Birtday Nana ♥ !

Happy Birthday To You !
Happy Birthday To You !
Happy Birthday To my Dear friend,
Happy birthday to you ! :9:

:34: Nana !
:34: Semoga Panjang Umur Dear,
:34: Semoga dapat jodoh yang baik-baik ,
:34: Semoga semuanya untuk kaw yang baik-2 .

Hey Readers semua !
Today post aku special to my best-best-best friends in the world !
Today is her birthday , And I can't even celebrate her birthday together :face32: coz she in Perak right now for study . Well yeah, If aku ta praktikal rite now maybe aku pon dekat my Port Dickson terchenta jugak kan .:face17: . So the only thing I can do for her is to make this post special for her in my blog ! and I hope you all akan wish kat dia jugak tau ! coz she my heart and my soul !:face15:

Perghh ! macam berchenta la pulak kan :face67: ! But yeah , Eh not yeah ! It's not true ! We're not lesbian okay !hee .But for me Farhana Hamalek is my evertything to me other than my family . She my no. 2 !The second ranking in my life after my family . Boyfie ? Of coz in third place :c: !
Well 'untung' siapa dapat girlfriend macam aku :q: . haha. Oppss ! aku dah lari topic ni ! Aigoo . Maaf Maaf Maaf ! *Back to the Topic :65:

Nana Hamalek is my dearest,best ever ever ever friend in mylife. She always with me when I'm sad, happy and so on she always there for me ! So I really hope that someday she will someone who can take care and love her with all his heart and I'm also hope that she will be forever happily di dunia dan juga di akhirat :h:

And nana , if you read this I just want to say Happy birthday to you for the first time in ur life, You already BE a woman ! Angka Dua dah seyh ! Fuyooo dah bole kawen ! woot woot ! haha
Jangan sedih-sedih tau, kaw sedih aku nanges, kaw happy aku ketawa okayy :94::95:
Please hidup dalam kegembiraan and smile always ! jangan diam je tauu . kalau kaw diam , dari KL sampai perak kaw bole dengar aku membebel tau ! haha .

So that all for today ;):108::43: Here, ur cake and ur present :)
Kiss And Hugs By Myra Berry Ur BestFriends :w: